Monday, June 14, 2010

Wiping off the cobwebs

Ok, I know no one has been to this blog is years, myself included. Hell, look at the date below this post!! I'm just two weeks shy of a full frickin' year!! How ridiculous is that???

But that's all going to change. Maybe. Hopefully. I'm going to start posting stuff again here, just because dammit, that's what I should be doing. So this is a test. Please ignore. =)


Adam Temple said...


Luca said...

haha, yeah been getting here every week or so, but nah nothing of new! :) Glad that things will change, I'll be looking forward for more cool art.

daren bader said...

GAH! There's actually people still checking my blog? Crap... that means I really DO have to update it. Ok, new posts happening TODAY. I promise!