Friday, July 31, 2009

Pictures of my picture book!

Ok, FINALLY I'm posting some photos of the book, courtesy of Brandstudio Press publisher Alberto Ruiz.

If you'd like to buy a copy, go to and drop me a note. I need to move these puppies!

Some stats: 9x12, Hard cover, full color, 72 pages with a gatefold. Nice heavy paper stock, too, if you're into that kind of thing!


Tom Scholes said...

Was great to meet you at Comic Con sirrrrr! Lovely book! I miss San Diego too much already.

daren bader said...

Good to meet you, too! I'm about ready for the Con again, myself!

=shane white= said...

Wow...lookit you with the pretty book. Very cool, man.

Good to see you in San Diego, glad I took the time to venture over.

Hope you did well at the show.


Adam Temple said...

Wow, I've been waiting with held breath for you to release a book like this! Thankyou.

Emanuela Lupacchino said...

just great!

MAVIII said...

...Who are you?

I am only interested in Karinas Burritos and Lous Records anyway.

Youre Art . . . eh.
its alright.

If you couldve seen my face walking into a fave Comic Store in Pasadena and seeing your Book on the wall.



anima-base said...

Unfortunately, Your book is out of print. I'd like to buy this.

daren bader said...

It's not out of print...I've got plenty of books to sell! Go to my website to contact me ( or go to Bud Plant or Stuart Ng Books.

Martin Valentino said...

I just got your book in the mail. It's great, I can't stop flipping through it. Too bad eight and a half tails wasn't included, it was my first db card. Anyway, excellent work and good luck in 2010! Thanks.

Patrick j Jones said...

Can you save me one for IlluXCon, Daren? I've got cold, hard cash!

Best wishes,

tonyyeh2213 said...

how to buy this book?
Im from Taiwan
and very interested your art
its very beautiful

Bett Ilustraciones said...


unfoldingdrama said...

Would love to get a copy of your book Daren. Your site doesn't seem to be working. Where can I track it down?

MAVIII said...

Have a Happy 4th Weekend Darren :D